Frequently Asked Questions

How do your services work?

Little Black Bag Medical is not a typical medical practice. Our doctors are not only your personal doctor but are also your dedicated health advocate. We provide not only your health care needs but also the education and counseling needed to maintain your best health.

Do you accept Medicare?

Yes, we accept Medicare for all Medicare billable services.

Do you accept HMO?

No, we are unable to accept HMO insurances.

Do you accept Medicare Advantage Plans?

Yes, we can accept Medicare advantage plans if they are Physician Fee for Service (PFFS is usually marked on the card) plans. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept Medicare Advantage HMO plans.

What if I have to go to the hospital?

We maintain privileges at several large medical centers in Jacksonville and will happily admit and care for our patients in the hospital.

What if I have an Emergency?

Little Black Bag Medical is not an emergency service and we encourage our patients to always call 911 for emergencies. We will however communicate with Emergency physicians to facilitate good care and will admit our patients to the hospital whenever it is prudent.

What if I need specialist care?

Little Black Bag Medical will facilitate consultations and scheduling. As your health advocate we take pride in our specialist communication and taking the time to share this information with you, our patient.

Do you work with hospice or provide comfort care?

Yes, we are happy to provide end of life care and encourage full comfort and respect in these times of transition. We have a good relationship with local hospice services and are happy to work with them.

Do you work with Mayo doctors?

Yes, our doctors have Mayo training and have maintained these relationships. We are happy to work with Mayo specialist.

Will insurance pay for home blood draws and X-rays?

Yes, in most cases. There are some exceptions and we must decide this on a case by case basis.

Do you provide care at assisted living facilities and nursing homes?

Yes, we will provide care for any patients wherever they reside.

Can you do gynecological exams (female exams?)

For many legal and logistical reasons, we have chosen not to provide female pelvic exams in the home. However, if a pelvic exam is necessary then we will work to facilitate this with a colleague in an office setting.

Do you provide Urgent Care visits?

Yes, we will provide urgent care visits to our established patients whenever they are necessary. Urgent care visits to non-established patients may be provided at the doctor’s discretion.

What are your hours?

Our doctors are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

What qualifies Little Black Bag Medical to perform house call medicine?

Our doctors have been practicing house call medicine since graduation from residency (2005 for Dr Brian & 2007 for Dr Tea.) Both have been certified by the American Academy of Home Care Physicians.

How quickly can I get an appointment?

Usually the same day. We schedule appointments at your convenience and can even do after hours and weekend appointments.

Do I have to be homebound to get house calls?

No. We care for anyone who feels they will benefit from house call services.

Do I need a referral for Home Care?

No. You can schedule an appointment at anytime.