Mary Burson

Joining the Black Bag Concierge Medical service of Dr’s Tea and Brian Stephens has provided my family with excellent care, quick appointments,house calls, efficient prescription management and referrals to top specialists.The decision to go with a concierge practice came after difficulties in caring for my 90 year old mother. With long waits for appointments, getting her to the appointments then dealing with a busy staff trying to handle prescriptions and referrals. Dr.s’ Brian and Tea respond to requests for an appointment within hours, visit my mother in her apartment, even checking in on her on occasion. After witnessing the wonderful medical care my mother received we decided to turn our care over to Dr.s’ Tea and Brian Stephens. We too receive excellent personalized care. We can’t imagine having to go back to those days of busy waiting rooms and long waits to see a physician.

Bill and Mary Hart

Having moved my elderly mother into an assisted living facility, we were so very fortunate to have been referred to Little Black Bag Medical. Finding a physician in a new medical community is challenging, and we are so grateful to have Doctors’ Brian and Tea Stephens looking after her. There are not enough superlatives to describe the quality of care received by my mother. By making “house calls,” Little Black Bag Medical offers individualized and personalized treatment and follow-up, so often lacking in many of today’s medical practices. To say that they are knowledgeable is a given, but add in excellent communication and familiarity with the complexities of our health care system, combined with respect for their patients and caregivers, makes us confident that we have entrusted the care of our loved one to the best for her and for us.

Erika and David Bauserman

Dearest Brain and Tea, just a short note to tell you both how much my family has grown to trust and love you, not just for your medical talents, not just for your compassionate delivery of the status our ailments but most importantly how much you care for each and every one of us..

You have always been there for us in some of our darkest hours and this was a timely opportunity for me to be able to put it down on paper.

Love from all the Shaw’s

John Shaw

Doctors Brian and Tea Stephens are not just good doctors , they are great doctors. I can’t say enough about the care they have given both my mother and father!  They are exceptional. We are so grateful that we found their practice. They are smart, caring, and always go above and beyond. So Loving and so responsive. They are exceptional people and doctors.

Maryse Hotchkiss

We had the privilege of Drs. Tea and Brian caring for both of our mothers in the final months and days of their lives. They brought tremendous confidence and comfort to them and our family. They were quick to respond to our contacts and patiently answered our questions. Their medical  skill, professionalism and kind, peaceful demeanors were priceless during difficult times. We are so confident in them and their care that we have become patients!!!

Graylin and Vicki Chastang

I think I am coming up on my fifth year anniversary as one of your most devoted patients. Along with my dear departed wife Grace, I am impelled to express my sincere gratitude and admiration for the wonderful doctors Stephens and their incredible professional care and loving friendship. The ultra beauty of their Practice is their near instant appearance in your own home with all the necessary items needed for any health care situation, including surgery and hospitalization. At the age of 92 I feel secure and totally protected in every respect at all times and have the wonderful added advantage of never having to leave my own home. My experience has taught me that there are no doctors more efficient or experienced than my own Doctors Brian and Tea Stephens. They keep me safe along with the dedicated members of the staff.

Capt. Robert Brett

Managing mom’s health is a comforting partnership with The Little Black Bag. We know mom will receive regular visits in the comfort of her own room even if there is no acute issue. It is easy to communicate with Drs Stephens. We particularly find email helpful to be able to include both of us in discussions on health issues. Easy access and coordination of all her health care gives us peace of mind knowing that all care is coordinated and tracked including prescriptions by specialists so the risk duplicative and overlapping medications is eliminated. At 95, mom is thriving. We sincerely appreciate the compassionate care you have provided for mom and the guidance you have provided to us through the years.

Liz Samra

When our mom moved to Jacksonville and into assisted living, we needed to find a new group of doctors. We quickly learned that typical Medicare medical treatment was wholly inadequate and potentially troublesome. Little Black Bag Medical has been the best connection we could make for our mom. Over the past 7 years, Drs Tea and Brian have provided hands-on monthly care, coordination of medication and home health care, and most importantly, been on call for crisis care, like a broken ankle on the 4th of July. Thank you Drs Stephens for giving mom the health care she needs, and the assurance we need.

Jane Green

This note comes to you with my deepest, heartfelt thanks. The compassion and care that you showed my dear, sweet Mom is beyond what I could have ever hoped for her…it is what she so deserved! Your in-home medical care allowed her to enjoy going out with friends and family, which she loved rather than going to doctors appointments, which she did not. Mom was not a big fan of going to the doctor even in her younger days…so you made excellent medical care possible for her without it being a “chore”. I also want you to know how much I appreciated your phone calls and emails to me. You always helped me know exactly what was going on, what our choices were and what needed to be done!I truly think that finding you was a gift and one that I will always cherish.

Janice Levy

I have been using The Little Black Bag for four years.  Dr Brian and Tea Stephens have provided me with the best  professional health care I’ve ever received.  As a resident in an Assisted Living Facility I need on occasions special care and both of the Dr’s are a phone call or e-mail away.  During visits they take time to listen to my medical needs and always respond with the necessary prompt medical treatment needed. I am so happy with Brian and Tea and the expert medical care I am receiving and it is the best medical decision I ever made.

Lee Thames, Sr retired CSX Railroad and resident Cypress Village

Both of my elderly parents have been patients of Dr. Brian and Dr. Tea. It was such a relief when we could stop the hassle of transporting them to doctors’ offices for appointments; and we knew they were being seen regularly enough by the Stephens’ for their progress to be carefully tracked. Dr. Brian took a great deal of time with us to explain options and offer support when my father’s health began to decline. Dr. Tea and Dr. Brian were always available by phone, whether for an emergency or just answering a question. We will always attribute our mother’s continued longevity, even after life-threatening medical issues, to answered prayer. That prayer supplied us with the attentive care and thoughtful expertise of Dr. Brian and Dr. Tea.

Susan Baker Hewell, EdD

Dr. Brian has been our family physician for four years. We have never had a physician take such personal concern for our family. A true professional. A true doctor.

Stuart Griggs

When our mother’s situation created a need for in home care, we contacted Little Black Bag Medical. The home visits and readily available consultation provide a convenience and peace of mind which is unequaled by HMO or hospital visits. The compassionate and caring demeanor of Dr. Tea Stephens provides a personal touch which is increasingly rare in the modern medical establishment. The convenience and personalized care of Little Black Bag Medical makes it an excellent option for the Jacksonville area.

Philip Fleming

I’ve had the privilege of knowing both Tea and Brian Stephens for six years. I’ve not only known them professionally but also personally. My daughter taught two of their children in her kindergarten class. However, it was through their practice that I came to know how they truly care for their patients. They were my mother’s doctors for the last five years of her life. It’s hard to express the gratitude I feel for them. They treated my mother with dignity, respect, gentleness and love during the time she was under their care. Going through her end days was extremely difficult but they made the process so much easier by giving me encouragement, letting me know that what was happening was normal, and by responding to every question I had in a timely manner. I will forever be grateful for their professionalism, wisdom and care during a very difficult time in my life.

Jill Atter

We were honored to have my mother under the care of Dr Brain & Dr Tea Stephens. We have never had such compassionate, caring, doctors who would take the time to explain care to the patient and family, making sure we understood. They have the patience answering any and all questions, always available and receiving a quick response. They treated us like their family.

Gail & Marty Gottlieb

My wife and I feel very fortunate and advantageous to have Dr. Brian Stephens and Dr. Tea Stevens to visit us for our medical needs in our home or my place of business. We not only have their expert medical advise, but their staff is equally very professional and friendly. We recommend without hesitation to have the professionals from Little Black Bag Medical for your medical needs.

Bill and Eloise Gay

Little Black Bag is the simply the best investment you can make in health care for your family. Doctor Stephens is talented, attentive, incredibly responsive, convenient, and he does it all with a smile.

Jerry Dirvin (retired CEO Proctor & Gamble)

Jerry Dirvin